• Air Filter Maintenance: For cars that see a lot of daily use, air filters tend to get clogged over time. The fix? Replace it every 10,000 kilometres. A clean air filter helps your car breathe easier and run more efficiently.
  • Oil Filter Care: A clogged oil filter spells trouble, leading to higher fuel consumption. To keep your car running smoothly, change the oil filter every 10,000 kilometres.


  • Optimal Tire Pressure: Maintaining the right tire pressure is crucial. It not only extends the life of your tires but also ensures that your car moves with less effort, improving fuel efficiency.
  • Gentle Acceleration and Braking: Treat your gas and brake pedals with finesse. Smooth, gradual acceleration and braking reduce fuel wastage and make your car more fuel-efficient.


  • Trim Excess Weight: Your car’s weight matters. Extra cargo or rarely used items in your car add unnecessary pounds. Keep your trunk clean and remove anything you don’t need. A lighter car is a more fuel-efficient car, helping you go further on the same tank of gas.