Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has taken a proactive step to combat the increasing pollution levels in Delhi by introducing 40 additional trips on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, starting on October 25. This decision comes in the wake of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)-II being put into effect to address the escalating pollution crisis in the national capital.

Usually, the Delhi Metro operates over 4,300 trips daily, but now it will include

40 more trips each day. This move aims to encourage more people to opt for public transportation, reducing the reliance on private vehicles and thus curbing pollution. The pollution levels in Delhi have been a pressing issue, particularly during the changing seasons.

As part of the second phase of GRAP,

several measures are being taken to improve air quality in Delhi, and the DMRC’s decision aligns with the need for sustainable transportation options. In addition to this, there is a proposal to increase parking fees in Delhi. The exact amount of the fee increase has not been disclosed yet

and is expected to be discussed in a Delhi Municipal Corporation meeting scheduled for October 27. These combined efforts reflect the city’s commitment to addressing pollution and

promoting eco-friendly transportation alternatives.