Flipkart’s festive season has brought an exceptional offer, making the coveted iPhone 14 available at an incredibly reduced price.

This special deal doesn’t just offer one, but two fantastic discounts, making the iPhone 14 a lot more affordable for eager buyers. I

f you’ve been eyeing the iPhone 14 but the usual price made you think twice, now is your golden opportunity. Here’s how it breaks down: Initially priced at Rs 69,900, the iPhone 14 128 GB model is now up


for grabs at a special rate on Flipkart. With an 18% discount, the cost is slashed to Rs 56,999, a more wallet-friendly option for those watching their budget.

But here’s the kicker: If that still seems steep, there’s an exchange offer that will knock off a significant amount.

Through this exchange discount, Flipkart provides a whopping Rs.


39,150 off the iPhone 14 128 GB model’s price.

This amazing deal could allow you to possess the iPhone 14 for less than Rs 20,000 when fully leveraged. Remember, this incredible opportunity won’t stick around for long.

If you’ve been dreaming of owning the iPhone 14, make your move now to make the most of these unmatched discounts.

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