Over 300 PIA (Pak­istan International Air­lines) flights are cancelled in 10 days.

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan International Airlines is teetering on the brink of a shutdown after canceling more than 300 flights in the past 10 days. The cancellations are primarily due to a critical shortage of fuel and financial challenges, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the national carrier.

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The airline is

currently grappling with one of the most severe crises in its history,


triggered by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) cutting off fuel supplies due to outstanding dues. This move has led to the cancellation of 322 flights, including 134 on international routes, since October 14.

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On Tuesday, an additional 51 flights were canceled, with 27 on domestic

routes. Passengers have been left in a state of distress, as the airline’s management has been unable to provide them with an estimated departure time for their flights, compelling

them to seek alternative arrangements with other airlines.