Starring: Vikrant Massey, Medha Shankar, Anshuman Pushkar, Anant Joshi, Sam Mohan, and ensemble.

Director: Vidhu Vinod Chopra.



  • Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ability to involve the audience in his films.
  • Vikrant Massey’s immersive performance, making you forget he’s just playing a character.


  • The romantic angle in the first half momentarily diverts from the main plot but compensates in the end.

Break Time:


  • No breaks needed; the movie holds your attention throughout.

Watch or Not?: Absolutely! Cinema that mirrors the grit and determination of those who rise from adversity, crafted by a filmmaker who understands the intricacies of storytelling, is not to be missed.

Language: Hindi.

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Runtime: 147 Minutes.


Plot Summary: Manoj Kumar Sharma (Vikrant) from a small Chambal village aspires to become an IPS officer. Fate, however, constantly challenges him, making his journey to the other side of life a continuous struggle. After a tragedy, he lands in Delhi, faces numerous hurdles to crack competitive exams, and perseveres until he achieves his dream of becoming IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma.


Movie Review: Script Analysis While biopics are commonplace in Hindi cinema, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s “12th Fail” stands out by avoiding stereotypical narratives. Co-written by Chopra and Jaskunwar Kohli, with Aayush Saxena as an associate writer, the movie transcends being just a biopic. It becomes a conversation with the audience, inviting them to a world where characters contribute to the hero’s journey while having their own stories.


Set in the realm of IPS aspirants, a potentially tedious subject, the movie opts for intricate storytelling. It plants situations that bloom later, creating a rich tapestry. The climax is particularly rewarding, celebrating out-of-the-box thinking and emphasizing the long journey to equality.


Star Performances Vikrant Massey’s portrayal of Manoj Kumar Singh is beyond validation. He embodies the character seamlessly, convincingly navigating from a boy in Chambal to an IPS aspirant. Despite minor dialect inconsistencies, Massey’s acting brilliance shines.

Medha Shankar, as the silent force behind Manoj, delivers a complex character with earnestness. Anant Vijay Joshi portrays Pandey’s helplessness exceptionally, and Anshuman Pushkar creates a relatable friend character that lingers.


Rating and The Final Word “12th Fail” is a tale that demands a wide audience. It respects cinephiles by offering cinema that resonates with authenticity. Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Vikrant Massey deliver a compelling narrative that should not be overlooked.


Rating: 4 Stars