Rescue Triumph: 41 Workers Safely Emerge from Uttarkashi Tunnel After a grueling 17-day ordeal, the joyous culmination of the multi-agency rescue operation in Uttarkashi’s Silkyara tunnel was marked by the successful evacuation of 41 trapped workers on Tuesday night.

The tunnel had collapsed, leading to a challenging rescue mission that involved unique efforts, including the deployment of “rat-miners” who played a crucial role in clearing the debris. The celebration erupted as the final stretch of debris was cleared, allowing the workers to be safely evacuated. The rat-miners, a specialized team, came to


the rescue by pushing pipes into the tunnel after cutting out the auger machine that was stuck in the debris, using plasma cutters. As of Wednesday, sources reported that all the rescued workers are in good condition, receiving a normal diet. They are scheduled to be transferred to AIIMS Rishikesh shortly and, once cleared by doctors, will return to their homes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally congratulated and spoke with the rescued workers, commending their resilience during the challenging 17-day period. Expressing his pride in their unity, the workers informed the prime minister that they supported each other like brothers and never felt weak or distressed during their confinement. They also expressed gratitude for the leadership and efforts in orchestrating their rescue. PM Modi assured them that the nation, including their families and even foreign leaders, was deeply concerned about their well-being. He praised their courage and determination, drawing parallels to their endurance with the bravery exhibited during the evacuation of stranded Indians abroad. Wishing them good health, the prime minister reiterated his congratulations on their successful rescue.


The recovered workers are presently undergoing medical care at Chinyalisaur Hospital, situated approximately 30 km from the tunnel site. Thorough medical examinations are being conducted, and the workers will remain under observation. Discharge from the hospital will only occur after stabilization and clearance from medical professionals. Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the rescuers for their bravery, emphasizing that their efforts have given a new lease on life to the laborers. He lauded the trapped workers for their courage and patience, describing them as an inspiration to everyone.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami welcomed the rescued workers and expressed joy at the successful conclusion of the rescue operations.