Security company McAfee recently released its Global Scam Message Study. The report warns smartphone users and has listed 7 dangerous message lines that criminals send on SMS or WhatsApp to hack their devices or steal money. The report claims that 82% of Indians have clicked on or fallen for such fake messages. It claims that Indians receive nearly 12 fake messages or scams each day via email, text or social media daily. Here are 7 such dangerous messages that you should never click on.


“You’ve won a prize!” 

This message may come with slight alterations as well, like specifying the award won. But there is a 99% chance that the message received is a scam and meant to steal receivers’ credentials or money.


“Fake job notifications or offers​”

This is another dangerous message. Remember, job offers never come on WhatsApp or SMS. No professional company will ever approach you on these platforms, so it is a sureshot scam.
Bank alert messages with URL (links)


Bank alert messages received on SMS or WhatsApp asking users to complete KYC via a url/link in the message are scams. They are aimed to steal your money.

“Information about a purchase that you haven’t made”

Any updates about a purchase that you haven’t made is a scamuyis. Such messages are written in a way to tempt recipients to click and get their phones hacked.


“Netflix (or similar OTT) subscription updates​”

With OTT popularity increasing, scammers try to lure smartphone users with messaging around Netflix or other OTT subscriptions. These may be free offers or messages with urgency on subscriptions getting over.


“Fake missed delivery, or delivery problem, notification​”

SMS or WhatsApp notifications around missed delivery or other delivery problems too are dangerous. This can be even when you have made the purchase.


“Amazon security alert, or notification messages regarding account updates”

Amazon security alert, or notification messages regarding any update in your account too are traps. Please note that Amazon or any e-commerce company will never reach you on SMS or WhatsApp for such important alerts.