The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, and co-founder Greg Brockman were unexpectedly removed from the company’s board during a quick Google Meet call arranged by Ilya Sutskever, another board member and co-founder, on Friday, November 17th.


According to Brockman, Sam received a text from Ilya the night before, asking to talk at noon the next day. Sam joined a Google Meet, and the entire board, excluding Greg, was present. During the call, Ilya informed Sam that he was being fired, and the news would be made public very soon.


Shortly afterward, Greg received a text from Ilya, asking for a quick call, and a Google Meet link was sent. Greg was informed that he was being removed from the board but would still play a crucial role in the company. At the same time, Sam’s firing was conveyed. OpenAI then published a blog post around the


same time.

Both Sam and Greg expressed shock and sadness about the abrupt removal from the board, and as of their latest statement, they are still trying to understand the circumstances surrounding the decision. The management team, with the exception of Mira Murati, was reportedly made aware of the situation shortly after the decisions were