Valid Countries for Indian Driving Licenses: In several countries, Indians can drive using their Indian driving licenses without needing an International Driving Permit from India. Here’s a list of 10 such countries where this privilege applies.

List of Countries:

United States of America: Indian driving licenses are accepted in the USA for up to one year. The license should be in English, and it’s essential to carry a translated copy if it’s not. Additionally, a verified I-94 form is required as proof of lawful entry.

Australia: Australians recognize Indian driving licenses for one year in certain regions. However, in Northern Australia, it’s valid for only three months. It’s recommended to carry an International Driving Permit when traveling to Northern Australia.


Canada: In Canada, Indian citizens can use their driving licenses for up to 60 days. Beyond this period, a separate permit is required to continue driving. Vehicles in Canada follow right-hand driving.

United Kingdom: Indian driving licenses are valid for one year in the UK, covering England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. However, it is limited to specific vehicle categories, and the license must be in English.


New Zealand: New Zealand accepts Indian driving licenses for one year. Afterward, a New Zealand license or an international driving permit is needed. The minimum age for driving is 21, and the license must be in English.

Switzerland: Similar to other countries, Switzerland permits Indian driving license holders to drive for one year. The license must be in English, and driving is on the right side of the road.


Germany: Germany allows the use of Indian driving licenses for six months, requiring either English or German language. After six months, an international driving permit or a German license is necessary.

France: In France, an Indian driving license is valid for up to one year, but it needs to be translated into French. Cars in France have left-side steering wheels, and driving is on the right side.

South Africa: Indian driving licenses are accepted in South Africa for one year, with the requirement that it should be in English. An international driving permit may be necessary to rent a vehicle.

Sweden: With an Indian driving license, one can drive in Sweden for a year. The license must be in English or other approved languages, and additional documents such as ID proof should be carried.


While these countries recognize Indian driving licenses, it’s important to note that obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) can expand the list of countries where you can drive. You can obtain an IDP from your local


Regional Transport Office (RTO).