BlueStone, the omnichannel fine jewelry brand, has unveiled a promotional campaign known as the ‘Big Gold Upgrade.’ This initiative revolves around the emotional significance of old gold and how BlueStone provides an opportunity to exchange it for higher carat gold.


The ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ campaign is designed to offer customers the best value for their old gold while enabling them to acquire new jewelry pieces, thereby transforming their old locker jewelry into stylish wardrobe accessories. Customers can now exchange their old gold at any BlueStone store, where 18-karat old gold can be exchanged for a 22-karat value, and 22-karat gold can be upgraded to a 24-karat value, which are key features of this program.


BlueStone, established in Bangalore in 2011, stands out as

one of India’s pioneering digital-first fine jewelry brands. It bridges the gap between the evolving trend of online shopping and the traditional jewelry industry’s limited digital presence, aligning itself with modernity and digital advancements. The brand’s in-house technology allows customers to personalize their purchases, from design selection to final delivery. With over 150


retail outlets across the country, BlueStone is a symbol of innovation in the jewelry industry.