Once upon a time, in a cozy little house in the woods, there lived a family of three bears. There was Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear. One morning, they cooked porridge for breakfast but found it too hot to eat, so they decided to take a walk while it cooled down.


Meanwhile, a little girl named Goldilocks, who lived nearby, was exploring the forest. She stumbled upon the bears’ house and found the door unlocked. Curiosity got the best of her, and she entered. There, she discovered three bowls of porridge on the table.

Goldilocks tasted the porridge in the big bowl and found it too hot. She tried the porridge in the middle-sized bowl and found it too cold. Finally, she sampled the porridge in the small bowl and declared it “just right.” She ate it all up.


Next, Goldilocks found three chairs. She sat in the big chair and found it too hard. She tried the middle-sized chair and found it too soft. Finally, she sat in the small chair and decided it was “just right.” But, to her dismay, the chair broke.

Undeterred, Goldilocks went upstairs and found three beds. She lay in the big bed and found it too hard. She tried the middle-sized bed and found it too soft. Finally, she climbed into the small bed and declared it “just right.” She was so comfortable that she fell asleep.

While Goldilocks napped, the bear family returned home. They discovered the mess and realized someone had been in their house. Baby Bear noticed his broken chair, and they found Goldilocks sleeping in his bed. She woke up to find three angry bears staring at her.

Frightened, Goldilocks jumped out of the bed and ran out of the house. She learned her lesson about entering others’ homes without permission, and the bear family forgave her, understanding it was just a child’s curiosity.

The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears teaches us to respect others’ property and not take what doesn’t belong to us.