Rules for Indian Railways: If you miss your train and can’t make the journey, Indian Railways has a refund policy in place. To get your ticket money back, you’ll need to fill out a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR), which is the form for this process.


Here’s how passengers can easily claim their refund from the Railways in such situations:

TDR Filing: To initiate the refund process, you’ll need to file a TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt). This needs to be done within an hour of the train’s departure from the station listed on the chart.


Connecting Trains: If you have connecting trains, linking the Passenger Name Record (PNR) makes it simpler to claim refunds.

Online and Offline Options: Indian Railways offers both online and offline methods for filing TDRs. For online filing, visit the RCTC website, access your booked ticket history, select the relevant ticket and


travel date, click on the ‘File TDR’ button, choose the passenger’s name from the ticket details, indicate the reason for missing the train, and submit the form.

Refund Process: Once you’ve filled the TDR, whether through the online or offline method, the full refund of your ticket money will be processed within 45 days.


Remember, it’s crucial to file the TDR within an hour of the train’s departure from the charting station, and refunds won’t be entertained after this timeframe.