Little Red Riding Hood was a sweet and innocent girl who loved her grandmother dearly. One day, her mother gave her a red riding hood and some food to take to her sick grandmother who lived in a house deep in the woods.


Little Red Riding Hood happily skipped through the forest with her basket of goodies. As she walked, she met a cunning wolf who was aware of her destination. The wolf asked Little Red Riding Hood about her grandmother’s house, and the trusting girl innocently revealed its location.

Kids Story

The wolf, with devious plans in mind, decided to trick Little Red Riding Hood. He ran ahead to reach her grandmother’s house first, where he locked the old lady in the closet. Taking her place in bed, the wolf awaited Little Red Riding Hood.


When she finally arrived, Little Red Riding Hood entered the house and was surprised by her “grandmother’s” strange appearance. She questioned the wolf about the peculiar sight, to which he replied that he had a cold.

The wolf then sprang out of bed and swallowed Little Red Riding Hood whole. He disguised himself as her and waited for the next unsuspecting visitor. But a kind woodsman passing by heard the commotion and entered the house. He realized the wolf’s deceit and, with his ax, saved Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.


The story of Little Red Riding Hood teaches us to be cautious when talking to strangers and emphasizes the importance of not revealing personal information to unknown individuals.

Kids Story