The government-owned oil companies have initiated an upward revision in the prices of gas cylinders starting today. In the most recent update, the cost of commercial LPG cylinders has surged by Rs 101.50.


However, it’s worth noting that there has been no change in the pricing of domestic LPG cylinders. Additionally, in the latest move, the price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) has decreased by approximately Rs 1074 per kiloliter (KL). This marks the third consecutive reduction in ATF prices.

Key Highlights:

OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) have scaled down the costs of aviation fuel, putting a halt to a streak of three successive price hikes.

The ATF price reduction, effective immediately, aims to offer some respite to aviation companies.


Despite this development, it’s important to mention that airfares are unlikely to see any substantial decrease, as fares have remained elevated due to robust demand. Notably, the leading carrier, IndiGo, has imposed a fuel surcharge.

As we continue to embrace the festive season, the price increase for commercial LPG cylinders becomes evident. Oil Marketing Companies have decided to raise the prices of 19kg commercial LPG cylinders, resulting in a significant hike of Rs 101.50 starting today.


It’s important to emphasize that while commercial LPG cylinders become more expensive, the pricing for domestic LPG cylinders remains unaltered.

Current Prices for 19KG LPG Cylinders in Metro Cities:

Delhi: ₹1680

Kolkata: ₹1802.50

Mumbai: ₹1640

Chennai: ₹1852