Credit Score: Keeping your credit score at 750 or above is achievable with disciplined habits. This article delves into detailed insights on how to achieve this.


Having a solid CIBIL score is crucial for securing home, car, or personal loans at the most competitive interest rates. It allows easier access to loans when needed. Yet, establishing and maintaining a good credit score in today’s landscape can be challenging. Even minor errors can significantly drop your credit score. This article will explore effective strategies to fortify your credit score.

Avoid Frequent Loan Inquiries:

Repeatedly applying for loans in banks or NBFCs leads to these institutions checking your credit report. Every time your report is checked, your CIBIL score may decrease by 5 to 10 points. Thus, it’s advisable to avoid excessive loan inquiries.


Timely EMI Payments:

Ensuring timely deposit of EMIs is the simplest way to sustain a good credit score. Opting for automatic debit from your bank account helps in meeting EMI deadlines promptly.


Manage Credit Card Usage:

It’s advisable to utilize a maximum of 40 percent of your credit card limit. Crossing this limit might label you as credit-hungry, negatively impacting your credit score.


Prudent Approach to Unsecured Loans:

Frequent acquisition of unsecured loans can adversely affect your credit score, branding you as financially unstable in the eyes of banks. It’s best to opt for personal loans only in dire circumstances.


Early Loan Repayment:

Repaying your ongoing loans entirely before their tenure ends can bolster your credibility with banks, positively influencing your credit score.