The recent development surrounding the Vande Bharat Express, also known as Train-18, indicates a strategic step taken by the Southern Railways to alleviate the surge in passenger traffic, especially after the festive season. This initiative came to fruition through the deployment of a special Vande Bharat Express train that operated between Chennai in Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru in Karnataka on November 21, 2023.

This particular train, comprising eight coaches, embarked on its journey from Chennai around 11 pm and concluded its trip in Bengaluru around 4:30 am. The aim of this service is to facilitate travel between these two cities within an approximate span of five and a half hours. It commenced its travel from Chennai Central station and arrived at the Sir M. Visvesvaraya Terminal in Bengaluru on Wednesday mornings.


According to statements attributed to railway officials in media reports, this special Vande Bharat Express service is designed to cater to passengers during the night. In view of the ridership and the demand for transportation, authorities are contemplating the possibility of introducing additional special overnight trains during the upcoming holiday season.

It’s noteworthy that another Vande Bharat Express is already operational on this route, inaugurated in November of the preceding year. Reports suggest that the ticket prices for this service stand at Rs 921 for economy class and Rs 1880 for executive class on the Chennai-Mysuru route. Traditionally, the schedules for Vande Bharat trains have been tailored for daytime operations. Hence, the introduction of this overnight service marks the first scheduled Vande Bharat Express train between these two cities to operate during the night.


This move by the Indian Railways is a commendable effort to optimize travel opportunities, especially during peak times and post-festive seasons. Offering a night-time train service allows for better management of passenger traffic, addressing the need for convenient travel hours and potentially reducing congestion during regular operational hours. Additionally, it demonstrates the willingness of the railways to adapt and cater to the evolving travel preferences and requirements of the public.

The extension of services like the Vande Bharat Express to include overnight travel signifies a progressive step in enhancing accessibility and convenience for passengers commuting between Chennai and Bengaluru. The potential expansion of similar overnight services during holiday seasons highlights the commitment to providing efficient and flexible transportation solutions tailored to passenger needs.