In a peaceful village, there lived a young boy who was tasked with watching over the village’s sheep. To keep himself entertained, the boy often cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!” when there was no wolf in sight. Each time he shouted, the villagers rushed to his aid, only to find there was no danger.

Kids Story

The boy thought it was hilarious to see the villagers running back and forth. This continued for some time, with the boy repeatedly crying wolf and the villagers always coming to his rescue.


One day, a real wolf appeared and threatened the boy’s flock. In a panic, he cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!” as loud as he could. But this time, the villagers, remembering his past false alarms, didn’t believe him. They thought it was just another prank, and they stayed in the village.

Kids Story

The wolf, seeing there was no one to stop him, attacked the sheep and scattered them into the forest.

When the villagers later discovered the boy’s deceit and the loss of their sheep, they were very angry. The boy learned a hard lesson about the consequences of lying and realized that his dishonesty had dire consequences.


The story of the boy who cried wolf teaches us about the importance of honesty and not making false claims for fun, as it can lead to serious consequences when a real crisis occurs.