WhatsApp introduces a new feature called Locked Chat, designed to enhance user privacy and security by allowing them to lock and hide private chats. This feature includes a Secret Code, providing an added layer of protection for sensitive conversations. Beta testers have started receiving this feature through the WhatsApp beta for Android update.


Here’s a simplified explanation of how the Secret Code feature works in 5 pointers:

  • Accessing Settings:

WhatsApp users will find a new chat lock settings option in their settings menu.


  • Settings Options:

Within the settings, two options are available: “Hide Locked Chats” and “Secret Code.”


  • Hide Locked Chats:

Enabling the “Hide Locked Chats” toggle will conceal chats with a secret code from the main chat window.


  • Secret Code Protection:

Users can set a Secret Code to access these hidden chats. This ensures an additional layer of security.


  • Accessing Hidden Chats:

To view the hidden chats, users need to enter the secret code in the search bar at the top of the chat interface.


This privacy feature provides users with an extra level of security, especially useful when others may know the PIN of your WhatsApp. With the Secret Code, users can selectively hide private conversations, adding an extra layer of confidentiality to their messaging experience.