Airtel, a prominent player in the telecom industry, has recently introduced a prepaid plan priced at Rs 1499, aiming to revolutionize the streaming experience for its users. This innovative plan not only offers a substantial 3GB daily allocation of 4G data but also includes unlimited voice calls. However, what sets this plan apart is its groundbreaking addition – a 3-month subscription to Netflix’s Basic Plan.

Let’s delve into the key elements of Airtel’s Rs 1499 plan in a more user-friendly manner:

Data Delight: This plan provides users with an impressive daily data allowance of 3GB on Airtel’s 4G network. This ample data allocation ensures seamless connectivity and facilitates smooth streaming experiences, allowing users to enjoy their favorite content without interruptions caused by buffering or slow internet speeds.


Unlimited 5G Data: Airtel takes a significant leap into the future by offering unlimited 5G data with this plan. While 5G networks are still rolling out in many places, this inclusion sets the groundwork for the anticipated era of faster and more reliable connectivity once 5G becomes widely available.

Extended Validity: The plan offers a commendable validity period of 84 days. This prolonged duration ensures users can benefit from uninterrupted services for an extended period without the hassle of frequently recharging or worrying about plan expiration.

Netflix Subscription: The highlight of this Airtel plan is the bundled subscription to Netflix’s Basic Plan. This subscription enables users to access a curated collection of movies, series, and documentaries on Netflix for a cinematic viewing experience. The validity of the Netflix subscription aligns with the overall plan duration, providing users with 3 months of access to Netflix content.


Netflix Plan Details: The Netflix Basic Plan included in Airtel’s offering allows users to stream content on one device at a time. It offers video quality up to 720p, ensuring a decent viewing experience without compromising on clarity.

In essence, Airtel’s Rs 1499 plan isn’t just about offering data and call services; it’s about enriching users’ entertainment experiences. With a generous data allocation, access to Netflix’s library, extended plan validity, and the anticipation of future 5G connectivity, this plan aims to cater to users seeking a comprehensive and value-added package for their communication and entertainment needs.