If you find yourself running low on data and worrying about going over your budget, Airtel’s got your back with a series of affordable data top-up plans. These plans are here to make sure you can stay online without burning a hole in your pocket.

Starting at Rs 19: What You Get

Airtel’s data top-up plans come in various sizes, starting from a pocket-friendly Rs 19. Here’s a quick look at what each plan offers:

Rs 19 Plan:

Data: 1GB

Validity: 1 day


Rs 29 Plan:

Data: 2GB

Validity: 1 day

Rs 49 Plan:

Data: 6GB

Validity: 1 day


Rs 58 Plan:

Data: 3GB

Validity: Based on the plan

Rs 65 Plan:

Data: 4GB

Validity: Based on the plan


Rs 98 Plan:

Data: 5GB

Validity: Based on the plan

Extra Benefit: Access to Wynk Music Premium

Rs 99 Plan:

Data: Unlimited

Validity: 2 days


Why These Plans Matter: Solutions for Heavy Data Users

Airtel’s top-up plans are perfect if you’re someone who needs a lot of data regularly. Whether you want to binge-watch your favorite series or stream a long sports event, these plans offer a wallet-friendly way to do so.

How to Choose: Find the Plan That Fits Your Needs

The key here is to pick the plan that matches your data needs. If you’re a heavy user and need a lot of data every day, go for the plans that offer more data. But if you’re more of a casual user, the smaller plans could be just right for you.


By choosing the right plan, you can ensure that you’re always connected without worrying about spending too much. So, whether it’s for streaming, social media, or just staying in touch, Airtel’s affordable top-up options have something for everyone.

Conclusion: Stay Connected, Stay Budget-Savvy

These data top-up plans from Airtel are here to make sure you’re always connected without splurging. So, find the plan that suits your needs and enjoy seamless connectivity without worrying about the cost. With Airtel’s affordable options, staying online just got easier and more budget-friendly.