As disclosed by one of the leading Banks in Norway it seems interest rates on bank desposit differs greatly as compared to Indian Banks. While we may feel that the interest rates are low for our bank deposits, there are cuontries with even lesser rate of annual interest. below is the table of interest rate published by DNB one of the leading banks in Norway:

Savings Account: This account provides a stable annual interest rate of 2.50%. It’s a flexible option with no withdrawal limits, ensuring accessibility to your funds whenever you need them.


Sparekonto Pluss: For those with higher deposits, this account offers tiered interest rates. The rates vary based on the amount deposited, with higher balances receiving more favorable rates. Additionally, it allows a limited number of fee-free withdrawals annually, providing a balance between high interest and some withdrawal flexibility.

Fixed-Rate Deposits: DNB offers various fixed-term deposit options, ranging from 3 months to 2 years. These deposits offer comparatively higher interest rates, providing a more significant return on your savings. However, they come with terms and conditions, including potential changes in rates and penalties for early withdrawals.

Children’s Savings Account (Barnas Sparekonto) and Intro Savings Account: These accounts offer competitive interest rates, encouraging children or individuals new to savings to start early. They provide a higher interest rate without restricting access to funds, promoting a habit of saving among young individuals.


BSU Home Savings Scheme: Designed specifically for saving towards a home purchase, this account offers an exceptionally high interest rate of 6.35%. It’s an attractive option for those looking to accumulate funds for their first home, although the higher rate is valid until the account holder turns 34, after which it transitions to a standard savings account rate.

Insurance and Pension Schemes: DNB provides various insurance and pension schemes, each with its own set of costs and benefits. These accounts cater to different financial needs, including retirement planning, endowment insurance, and pension savings, with varying fees and management costs.

Interest Rates in Detail:

Savings Account:

Interest Rate: 2.50% per year

This account has no withdrawal limits, allowing you to access your funds as needed.

Sparekonto Pluss:

Interest rates differ based on the deposit amounts:

For deposits between NOK 500,000 and NOK 2 million: 4.25%

Deposits up to NOK 500,000: 2.50%

For deposits over NOK 2 million: 3.25%

Offers four fee-free withdrawals per year, giving a bit more flexibility while maintaining competitive rates.

Fixed-Rate Deposits:


Interest rates vary depending on the duration of the deposit:

For 3 months to 2-year terms, rates range from 3.95% to 5.00% per year.

However, these rates and terms can be subject to change at short notice, and a withdrawal fee of one percent applies if you breach the fixed-term agreement or make partial withdrawals before the term ends.

Children’s Savings Account (Barnas Sparekonto):

Interest Rate: 4.00% per year

Like the regular savings account, this one also has no withdrawal limits, offering a higher interest rate for children’s savings.

Intro Savings Account:


Interest Rate: 4.00% per year

Similar to the children’s savings account, it has no withdrawal restrictions, encouraging savings at a favorable rate.

BSU Home Savings Scheme:

Interest Rate: 6.35% per year

Remarkably high-interest rate, specifically for home savings. However, it’s important to note that when you turn 34 years old, your BSU home savings scheme account transitions to a regular savings account rate.

Insurance and Pension Schemes:

These accounts have varying annual administration, deposit, and management costs.

Accounts like the Garanti Livrente, Garanti Pensjon Spar (IPS), PensjonSpar, and others come with specific costs and benefits related to insurance, pension, and fund compositions.

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