A 29-year-old man from Yemen had a bullet stuck in his head for 18 years. In Bengaluru, doctors successfully removed this bullet that was lodged deep in his left temporal bone, solving his chronic headaches and ear issues. This bullet came from an injury he got during a fight in his village when he was just 10 years old.


Back then, after the injury, he went to a hospital where doctors attended to his external wound but didn’t take out the bullet inside his head. This left him with ongoing health problems for years – constant headaches, ear infections, and deafness.

Eventually, he sought help at Aster Hospital in Bengaluru. The doctors there faced a tough task because the bullet was close to some important blood vessels. To plan the surgery, they used a special X-ray to precisely locate the bullet in relation to these blood vessels. The operation itself was tricky, but they managed to remove the bullet without any major issues.


After the surgery, the man felt a lot better. Not only did he get relief from his pain, but he also regained some of his hearing. He’s now back in Yemen, continuing his studies in English and French.

In short, a guy had a bullet in his head for nearly two decades causing him a lot of health troubles. Skilled doctors in Bengaluru successfully took it out, fixing his headaches, ear problems, and even partly restoring his hearing. Now, he’s doing better and pursuing his studies back home.