Some reports says The area was bombed during the American war. One can see some bomb craters from above. People still find cluster bomblets and mines. The Air force tried to shoot into Phong Nha Cave, because it was a hideaway for Army and people, but failed to harm anybody. One still can see the traces from the gun aircraft units (GAU) in the rock at the caves entrance.

After a three-year closure, Tien Son Cave at Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in central Vietnam is set to reopen on Dec. 21, following a comprehensive upgrade and facility repairs.

Reopening of Tien Son Cave

Three-Year Closure: Tien Son Cave, located within the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in central Vietnam, is reopening on Dec. 21 after being closed for three years. It underwent a thorough upgrade and repairs of its facilities.

Cave’s Location and Features: Situated near Phong Nha Town, Tien Son Cave is an essential part of the broader Phong Nha cave system, nestled halfway up a mountain. It’s about 980.6 meters long, a 583-step climb, and stands at an elevation of 200 meters, offering stunning views 120 meters above the Son River.

Climate and Historical Significance: The cave maintains a cool temperature (18-20 degrees Celsius) during summers and remains warm in winter. It was discovered by locals in April 1935 and initially named Kham Su Cave after being visited by a colonial administrator. The Royal British Cave Association surveyed it in 1999, leading to its opening for tourism in 2000.

Improvements and New Additions

Enhancements During Closure: While closed, the cave underwent significant improvements. Walkways, rest stops, scenic spots, and roofs adorned with local flowers were refurbished. Additionally, a new glass bridge offers visitors breathtaking views of surrounding rice, corn, and sugar cane fields, sitting nearly 100 meters above the Son River.

Cave Exploration: Inside the cave, visitors can explore a circular route with two 400-meter paths, marveling at natural geological formations that have evolved over millions of years.

Visitor Information

Ticketing Details: Tickets for Tien Son Cave are priced at VND80,000 (around $3.28) per visit, with free admission for those under 1.3 meters tall. A sightseeing boat trip costs VND550,000 (approximately $22) round trip, accommodating up to 12 people. For those wishing to explore both Phong Nha and Tien Son caves, the boat fee remains VND550,000 per trip.

Historical Traces and Risks: Reports indicate the area was affected during the American war, with visible bomb craters and remnants of cluster bomblets and mines. The Air Force attempted to target Phong Nha Cave but didn’t harm anyone. Traces from gun aircraft units (GAU) can still be seen at the cave’s entrance.

Reintroduction to Visitors: The reopening of Tien Son Cave after extensive upgrades and repairs offers visitors an opportunity to explore its natural beauty and historical significance, creating a safer and enhanced experience for tourists.

This reopening will likely attract numerous tourists keen on exploring the cave’s geological wonders, enjoying panoramic views from the glass bridge, and experiencing the rich historical legacy within this breathtaking natural attraction.

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