Find these Delightful options across Delhi NCR for a flavourful chaat experience.Here’s a comprehensive list of top chaat places in Delhi NCR, including spots from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad:


Natraj Dahi Bhalla, Chandni Chowk: Known for its iconic Dahi Bhalla, offering a perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavours.

Prince Chaat Corner, Greater Kailash: Celebrated for Raj Kachori, Papdi Chaat, and a variety of tangy chaat options.

Bittu Tikki Wala, Multiple Locations: Famous for its crispy Aloo Tikki and a range of chaat items like Tikki Chaat, Golgappas, and more.

Jain Chawal Wale, Connaught Place: Offers Raj Kachori and Papdi Chaat among other chaat variations.

Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar, Chandni Chowk: Known for Tikki Chaat, Aloo Chaat, and authentic flavours.

Aap Ki Khatir, Rajouri Garden: Renowned for spicy Golgappas and Aloo Tikki.

Bishan Swaroop Chaat Corner, Chandni Chowk: Specializes in fruit chaat, Aloo Kulle, and Tikki Chaat.

Vaishno Chat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar: Known for Papdi Chaat and Raj Kachori.

Anand Chaat Corner, Vikas Marg: Famous for Papdi Chaat and Aloo Tikki.

Lotan Chole Wala, Chawri Bazaar: Known for spicy and flavourful Chole served with Kulche, this place is a go-to for those craving tangy street food.

Daulat Ki Chaat, Chandni Chowk: Famous for its unique winter specialty, Daulat Ki Chaat is a frothy, delicate dessert made from milk and cream, dusted with saffron and sugar.

Khandani Pakode Wala, Sarojini Nagar: Although primarily known for its pakodas, this place serves delightful Aloo Chaat and crispy Golgappas.

Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Paharganj: Renowned for its Chole Bhature, they also serve lip-smacking Aloo Tikki and spicy Golgappas.


Pandit Ji Chaat Wale, Sadar Bazaar: Offers delectable Tikki Chaat, Palak Patta Chaat, and a variety of other chaat options.

Om Sweets, Multiple Locations: Known for its wide range of Indian sweets, Om Sweets also serves delicious Papdi Chaat, Aloo Tikki, and Golgappas.

Sardarji Chaats & Snacks, Sector 56: Offers tangy Golgappas, Aloo Tikki, and Papdi Chaat.


Atul Chaat Corner, Sector 18: Known for Palak Patta Chaat and Aloo Tikki.

Bengali Sweet House, Sector 18: Offers Bhalla Papdi, Raj Kachori, and North Indian chaat specialties.

Kumar Pav Bhaji, Sector 18: Famous for its Mumbai-style Pav Bhaji, this place also serves flavoursome Aloo Tikki and Papdi Chaat.

Sardar Ji Poori Wale, Sector 19: Known for its lip-smacking Chole Bhature, they also offer Aloo Tikki and Golgappas.


Neha Chaat Corner, Old Faridabad: Renowned for its Palak Patta Chaat, Aloo Tikki, and Golgappas, this place is a hit among locals.

Chatori Chaat, Sector 15: Offers a variety of chaat options including Papdi Chaat, Dahi Bhalla, and Raj Kachori.

Rajender Da Dhaba, Old Faridabad: Famous for Raj Kachori and Golgappas.

Gupta Chaat Bhandar, Sector 29: Offers Aloo Tikki and Papdi Chaat.


Om Vaishno Chaat Bhandar, Nehru Nagar: Known for Chole Bhature and Aloo Tikki.

Ashok Chaat Bhandar, Raj Nagar: Celebrated for Papdi Chaat, Aloo Tikki, and Golgappas.

Tewari Sweets, Raj Nagar: Known for its sweets, Tewari Sweets also serves flavourful Aloo Tikki, Golgappas, and Papdi Chaat.

Bikaner Misthan Bhandar, Vaishali: Offers a range of chaat options including Bhalla Papdi, Aloo Tikki, and Dahi Bhalla.

These additional spots offer a diverse range of delicious chaat items, providing plenty of options for those seeking a flavourful and satisfying experience during their New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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