Updates on LPG Cylinder Prices: What You Need to Know

The Big News: Recently, there’s been a change in the prices of certain gas cylinders, and it’s important for different types of users. Let’s break it down…

Commercial Cylinder Price Hike: On December 1, the cost of a 19 kg LPG cylinder, commonly used in businesses like hotels and restaurants, increased by ₹ 21. In places like Delhi, it’s now priced at Rs 1,796.50, and in Mumbai, it’s Rs 1,749.

Good News for Domestic Users: Despite this increase for commercial cylinders, there’s a sigh of relief for households using the 14.2 kg cylinders. The price for this domestic cylinder hasn’t changed. In Delhi, it’s still at Rs 903.


Price Comparison: When comparing the 14.2 kg domestic cylinder to the 19 kg commercial one, the domestic one is significantly cheaper by Rs 893.50. Remember, the smaller cylinders are commonly used in households for cooking purposes.

Previous Changes: Back in August this year, the Central Government reduced the prices of domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 200. This reduction was a big deal and applied to all markets across the country, making it more affordable for households. This reduction particularly benefited over 9 crore Ujjwala beneficiaries.

Impact on Beneficiaries: In Delhi, for instance, after the August deduction, the effective price for beneficiaries dropped to Rs 603 per cylinder after an additional subsidy of Rs 100. This makes it more affordable for households that heavily rely on these cylinders for cooking purposes.


Conclusion: While there’s been a price hike for commercial cylinders, households using the smaller LPG cylinders haven’t been affected by this change. In fact, recent reductions in prices and subsidies have made it more affordable for many families, helping them manage their cooking gas expenses more easily.