The DDA had earlier offered to pay the residents rent only if all 336 flats are vacated. The RWA cited inability to get all the flat-owners to handover their keys at once, and requested the authority to bring down the 100 per cent vacation clause to 75 per cent.

Municipal Directive:

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has issued a compelling eviction notice to the residents of Signature View Apartment in Mukherjee Nagar, declaring the complex “unfit for human habitation.” This move is due to safety concerns arising from structural issues in towers A to L within the complex.

Construction Quality and Safety Concerns:

Constructed between 2007 and 2009, this apartment complex, housing 336 flats catering to the Middle-Income Group (MIG) and High-Income Group (HIG), faces grave construction issues. Complaints about substandard construction prompted the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to decide on the complex’s demolition.

The Eviction Notice and Residents’ Response:

The notice, dated December 18, mandates that the residents evacuate the society within seven days due to the perilous and uninhabitable state of the buildings. The Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) expressed willingness to vacate, provided they receive rent from the authority until new flats are constructed.

Structural Audit and Expert Advice:

The decision to dismantle the towers follows counsel from structural consultants employed by the DDA, prompted by complaints regarding construction quality. The National Council of Cement and Building Material (NCCBM) advised remedial measures. Additionally, IIT-Delhi’s structural consultants highlighted chloride-induced deterioration and corrosion as reasons behind the distress in the structure.

Safety Concerns and Structural Hazards:

As per the communication received from DDA and the structural audit report, towers A to L are deemed perilous and not suitable for human occupancy. The notice emphasizes the risk posed not only to residents but also to passersby and the neighborhood due to the hazardous condition of the flats.

Demand for Compensation and Vacating Conditions:

The RWA, while acknowledging the danger, demands compensation in the form of rent upon evacuation, an offer initially provided by the DDA on the condition that all 336 flats are vacated simultaneously. However, logistical challenges in obtaining keys from all flat-owners at once prompt the RWA to request a relaxation to a 75% vacation clause.

The situation at Signature View Apartment is critical, with structural hazards rendering the towers unsafe for habitation. The conflict between residents seeking compensation and the authority’s conditions for evacuation underscores the urgency to address the imminent risks while ensuring fair treatment for the affected residents. The impending demolition and reconstruction aim to rectify the structural issues, but the immediate concern is ensuring the safety and well-being of the occupants.

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