Disclaimer:This content is intended for satirical purposes only. The events described are purely fictional and exaggerated for comedic effect. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or real-life incidents is purely coincidental. Reader discretion is advised.

Residents of the society were humble enough to entertain the request from Martians, even after being 1 khamba down. Thanks to humanity.

An incident happened recently when residents of an overpriced society in Gurgaon were partying on a Saturday night. One of the residents had this idea to install sky-rocketing high beam spotlights to make the party look cooler.

Some of them got booze from the nearby L1 (a large liquor stockist) that normally claims to offer discounts on 3, 6, 9, or 12 bottles. (Not sure why they call it L1 if they donot offer discounts on single bottle). Anyway, after all the arrangements and a little bit of hangover from Scotch whiskey with peanut masala; chicken tikka, achaari chaap, and paneer tikka were ordered for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It’s puzzling to understand the concept of non-vegetarians who call themselves hardcore, yet jump on chaap and crispy corn as soon as they arrive. Strange, isn’t it?

Finally, coming to the last episode, after all the food and drinks and a little bit of hangover, the high beam spotlights were switched on, projected towards the sky. The intensity of the lights was so strong that it reached Mars (it might have crossed our solar system if Mars had not been in the middle). Luckily, Jadoo was having a sunbath in his garden. Before people on Mars could panic, Jadoo sent a message with the help of antennas projected on his head to all the Martians, explaining that this was just another long weekend, and people in Gurgaon were having fun.

At the same time, Jadoo called Rohit (Jadoo’s old friend from the end, who was luckily in Gurgaon only) and asked him if the intensity of the lights could be lowered as they were hurting the eyes. Residents of the society were humble enough to entertain the request, even after being 1 khamba down. Thanks to humanity.

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