Hyundai Motor’s luxury vehicle brand Genesis has won an award for its contribution to raising South Korea’s image globally, the Corea Image Communication Institute said Monday. The award will be presented at the Korea Image Award ceremony in Seoul on Jan. 10, 2024.

The Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) recently announced the recipients of the Korea Image Awards, which honor individuals and businesses contributing to enhancing South Korea’s global reputation. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 10, 2024, in Seoul.

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Genesis Awarded for South Korea’s Global Image: Hyundai Motor’s luxury brand, Genesis, received the Korea Image Stepping Stone Award. This recognition celebrates entities that have played a pivotal role in bolstering South Korea’s international image. Genesis has contributed significantly to South Korea’s global reputation.

Other Awardees and Their Contributions:

Mario Botta, Swiss Architect: Botta, renowned for designing Korean landmarks like the Leeum Museum of Art and Kyobo Gangnam Tower, was honored with the Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award for being a bridge in promoting South Korea’s image worldwide.

Lim Hyung-joo, Korean Operatic Pop Tenor: Known for popularizing the genre of “popera” in Korea, Lim Hyung-joo received the Korea Image Capstone Award for his contributions.

Mafo Laure, French Pansori Singer: Laure was bestowed with the Korea Image Flowerstone Award for delivering ancient Korean expressions through pansori to foreigners, aiding in elevating the country’s image.

Theme and Significance of the Awards: The theme of this year’s award ceremony is “best comes from innovation.” Choi Jung-hwa, CICI’s president, expressed delight in the selection of awardees who embody this theme. She emphasized that K-culture is becoming a trendsetter globally.

About CICI and the Awards: CICI, established in 2003, is a private nonprofit organization focused on researching and promoting South Korea’s global image. The Korea Image Awards, held annually, gathers opinion leaders from various fields to emphasize the importance of enhancing Korea’s image both at home and abroad.

Expected Ceremony Attendees: The upcoming award ceremony anticipates the presence of about 500 guests, including influential figures like Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik from CJ Group and CEO Hong Seok-hyun from JoongAng Media Network. Moreover, around 50 diplomatic envoys, such as French Ambassador Philippe Bertoux, German Ambassador Georg Schmidt, and Singaporean Ambassador Eric Teo, are expected to attend.

The Korea Image Awards celebrate those who have significantly contributed to enhancing South Korea’s global image. These awards underscore the significance of Korea’s cultural influence and the efforts of individuals and organizations in promoting the country on the international stage.

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