AI’s Impact on Vietnam’s Job Market

AI’s Dual Impact: Hoang Nam Tien, vice-chair of FPT University, emphasized AI’s dual effect on the job market in Vietnam’s IT sector. He pointed out that while AI technology displaces certain human jobs, it also creates new roles.

Job Displacement by AI: Tien highlighted a significant concern: around 40% of engineering jobs involved in coding and testing could potentially be replaced by AI. He explained that AI’s capabilities allow it to generate approximately 50% of code lines in commonly used programming languages like Java, reducing the necessity for human intervention in these tasks.

Boosting Productivity: AI and robotic technologies are substantially increasing productivity in various stages of software development. This advancement has raised concerns about the ability of traditional programmers to compete against AI without substantially enhancing their skillsets.

Opportunities with AI: Tien stressed that AI, particularly generative AI, creates ample opportunities for the younger generation. He highlighted the broader scope of information technology, extending beyond coding to include AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies, presenting more lucrative career paths than conventional IT roles.

Changing Landscape and Skills in IT:

Increasing AI Skill Learning: Global statistics from online learning platforms, specifically Udemy, showed a significant surge of approximately 60% in the number of employed individuals learning AI-related skills. This trend indicates that the workforce in the IT sector is recognizing the AI trend and striving to adapt to it.

Intensified Competition: The rush of individuals into the AI domain has led to heightened competition in the job market. The current AI job market in Vietnam might not be large enough to accommodate all entrants, primarily favoring highly skilled AI engineers.

Challenges in AI Startups: Lam Quang Nam, an IT expert at Vinasa, cautioned IT engineers considering AI startups. He highlighted the considerable funding required for AI projects, which might be challenging to secure, particularly in the current economic climate. Nam advised focusing on understanding existing AI models and providing prompt engineering results to potential employers as an alternative career path.

AI’s Integration into Daily Life in Vietnam:

Accessibility and Applications: AI, once regarded as a niche field, has become more accessible and is extensively used in various aspects of daily life in Vietnam. Its applications range from educational assistance to office work and content creation.

Use Cases of Generative AI: Generative AI, represented by platforms like ChatGPT and other chatbots, has gained immense popularity. People are leveraging these AI tools for a multitude of tasks such as writing essays, creating reports, aiding in education, and even generating speeches for office presentations.

AI in Visual Arts: Midjourney and similar generative AI tools have witnessed a surge in usage for creating images, drawings, and avatars from word prompts. This trend has led to the emergence of a new job role: prompt engineers, who guide AI systems with instructions rather than directly programming them.

The Avatar Creation Trend: AI-driven tools like Remini and Loopsie have enabled users to transform selfies into customizable avatars and anime-style images. This has sparked a surge in the use of AI-generated personal avatars across various social media platforms.

Cautionary Notes on AI’s Misuse:

Potential for Misuse: Despite the numerous benefits of AI, experts have raised concerns about its potential misuse, particularly in creating deepfakes and possible scams. They caution individuals against uploading personal data onto AI platforms due to the associated risks, not only for the users themselves but also for their families and friends.

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