Dietician Khushboo Gupta says she had the ‘worst experience’ on an Indigo flight after finding a live worm in her sandwich.

Khushboo Gupta, a dietician, expressed dismay over her experience on an Indigo flight, deeming it the “worst” after an unsettling incident. She shared her ordeal on Instagram, revealing the discovery of a live worm nestled in her sandwich, which led her to question the airline’s declining food quality and service standards.

During her journey from Delhi to Mumbai on December 29, Gupta had pre-booked a veg sandwich, only to be served a distressing surprise. As she indulged in her meal, her shock peaked upon noticing a live worm making its way through the sandwich. Her concern amplified when, despite her request, the flight attendant responded casually, neglecting to alert other passengers about the concerning discovery.

Expressing her distress on Instagram, Gupta highlighted the potential risks for fellow travelers, particularly vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly, if they consumed the subpar sandwiches. Despite her plea, the flight attendant’s response was lackluster, promising only to substitute the tainted food without addressing the broader concern of passenger awareness.

Crew’s Response

The attendant returned with an alternative meal for Gupta, who, reluctant to incite panic among passengers, declined the replacement. She underscored the flight attendant’s missed opportunity to inform others, allowing them to make an informed decision regarding their meals, prioritizing passenger safety over avoiding a tumultuous situation.

Conclusively, Gupta emphasized her primary concern for passenger safety over monetary compensation, urging Indigo to prioritize safety measures. In response, Indigo acknowledged the issue and assured the public of its commitment to upholding top-notch food and beverage standards aboard their flights. They promptly discontinued the serving of the specific sandwich and initiated a thorough investigation, collaborating with their caterer to rectify the situation and prevent such incidents in the future. Indigo expressed sincere regret for any inconvenience caused to the passenger involved.

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