Here’s a breakdown of the new Jio Prima phone and its associated recharge plans, simplified for easy understanding:

Jio recently unveiled the Prima phone, a feature phone that arrives with exclusive recharge plans tailored for users’ communication and data needs. This phone is available for purchase at Rs 2599 through Amazon.

Now, let’s explore the various recharge plans released for the Jio Prima phone:

Rs 75 Plan: This is the base plan for the Jio Prima phone, offering users calling, data, and SMS services with a validity of 23 days. This plan includes 2.5GB data and 50 SMS for the entire duration.

Rs 91 Plan: The second plan costs Rs 91 and offers daily 100MB data, along with unlimited calling and SMS for 28 days. Additionally, users get access to Jio TV, Jio Cinema, and Jio Cloud under this plan.


Rs 125 Plan: This plan offers 0.5GB data, calling, and SMS benefits daily for 23 days. Besides, there are added perks included with this recharge option.

Rs 152 Plan: Users opting for this plan receive daily 0.5GB data, unlimited calls, and SMS benefits for 28 days.

Rs 186 Plan: With the Rs 186 recharge plan, users get 1GB data, 100 SMS, and unlimited calls daily for a validity of 28 days. This plan also comes with additional benefits.

Rs 223 Plan: This recharge plan offers daily 2GB data, 100 SMS, and unlimited calls for 28 days. Users also gain access to additional apps alongside these services.

Rs 895 Plan: The most extended validity plan among the offerings, this comes with a validity of 336 days. Users benefit from data, calling, and SMS services, along with access to Jio TV, Jio Cinema, and Jio Cloud.


Each plan caters to different needs and preferences of users, offering a range of data, calling, and SMS benefits for varying durations. Users can choose a plan based on their usage patterns, whether they require more data for internet access, unlimited calling, or extended validity without the hassle of frequent recharges.

These plans bring a variety of options for Jio Prima phone users, ensuring they have choices that suit their communication requirements and entertainment preferences over different durations, depending on what fits their usage the best.