LG Electronics will unveil its transparent antenna for automobiles at CES 2024. (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics is set to make a groundbreaking debut at CES 2024 with its pioneering transparent antenna technology designed explicitly for automobiles. This revolutionary advancement marks a significant leap in automotive telecommunication, promising enhanced connectivity and design flexibility for vehicles of the future.

The transparent antenna, a result of collaboration between LG Electronics and esteemed French glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Sekurit, heralds a new era in vehicle communication infrastructure. Available in both on-glass and in-glass configurations, this film-type antenna promises seamless integration onto car windshields or glass sunroofs, eliminating the need to allocate space for conventional antennas during vehicle design.

What makes this innovation particularly noteworthy is its broad surface application, which ensures compatibility with various types of glass and vehicle designs. By transcending traditional limitations, LG’s transparent antenna provides automakers with unprecedented freedom in designing sleek and sophisticated vehicles without compromising on connectivity.

In terms of technology, LG Electronics has not held back. The latest telematics technology incorporated into this transparent antenna is engineered to handle increased network traffic efficiently. It assures a reliable communication performance, boasting support for 5G, global navigation satellite systems, and Wi-Fi. This robust connectivity suite ensures that vehicles equipped with this technology stay at the forefront of connectivity, enabling seamless integration with evolving smart infrastructure.

Eun Seok-hyun, President of LG Vehicle Component Solutions Co., emphasized the exceptional performance of this next-generation product in automotive applications through rigorous vehicle tests. This collaboration with Saint-Gobain Sekurit signifies LG’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and redefining the mobility experience.

Thibaut Heitz, Director of Innovation and R&D at Saint-Gobain Sekurit, echoed the sentiment of pushing boundaries, expressing delight in jointly introducing this smart glass. Their joint objective aims to revolutionize vehicle telecommunications, enriching the in-vehicle environment and steering the future of mobility toward a more integrated and sophisticated realm.

The development process for this innovative antenna involved leveraging more than 80 patents owned by LG Electronics, highlighting their commitment to driving technological advancements. Notable among these patents are innovations enabling transparent antenna patterns and transparent electrode technology, solidifying LG’s position as a pioneer in this field.

Moreover, LG’s dominance in the global automotive telematics market, with a commanding 23.8 percent share in the July-September period, as per Strategy Analytics data, underscores its expertise and market leadership in this domain. This new transparent antenna technology is poised to further consolidate LG’s position as a frontrunner in automotive connectivity solutions.

In collaboration with a renowned glass manufacturer and leveraging its technological prowess, LG Electronics has not just introduced a mere product but ushered in a transformative technology. The transparent antenna is not just a component; it’s a testament to innovation, shaping the future of automotive design and connectivity. This unveiling at CES 2024 heralds a new chapter in automotive technology, promising a more connected and design-conscious era for vehicles worldwide.

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