A video making the rounds on social media has caught everyone’s attention. It features a man walking down a road near the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, unaware of the dramatic event about to unfold.

The footage, shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Parveen Kaswan, shows the man strolling casually when suddenly, a tiger dashes across the road just meters away. The man quickly turns and runs, responding swiftly to the tiger’s unexpected appearance.


Kaswan, who posted the video on X (formerly Twitter), was amazed by the tiger’s nonchalant attitude despite the proximity to a human. In his post, he referred to the man as “the luckiest man alive.”

In the video, the man is seen walking with a bag, then swiftly turning back as the tiger emerges from the wilderness and crosses the road. Later, the passerby can be seen discussing the encounter with locals.


Kaswan’s post pondered whether the man was extremely lucky or if the tiger simply wasn’t bothered. This sparked discussions online, with many suggesting that the tiger seemed more afraid than the man, emphasizing who was scarier.

The forest officer had recently shared another video displaying the concerning behavior of some tourists during a tiger safari. This clip, received via WhatsApp, depicted the tourists unsettling the tiger as it walked along the road.


The exact location of these incidents remains unknown, as Kaswan received the videos through WhatsApp. However, these videos have prompted discussions about human encounters with tigers and the behavior of these majestic creatures during such interactions.