During a live chat on X Spaces, Indian-American entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy found himself in an awkward situation that quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. In this rather unusual moment, Ramaswamy unintentionally left his microphone on while taking a break.

The chat was bustling with 2.3 million listeners, including prominent figures like Elon Musk and Alex Jones. Amidst Musk discussing his thoughts on bringing Alex Jones back on social media, Ramaswamy abruptly interrupted, announcing he needed to step away. As the conversation continued, some participants noticed the sound of running water in the background, hinting that someone might be in the bathroom with their phone.


It turned out to be Ramaswamy’s phone that was still unmuted. Host Mario Nawfal tried to intervene but couldn’t mute Ramaswamy’s audio. Realizing what had happened, Ramaswamy promptly apologized for the unintended situation, with Musk offering a light-hearted comment wishing him well.

This quirky incident triggered varied reactions among the listeners. Some found it comical, labeling it as a “legendary moment” and praising Ramaswamy’s ability to laugh it off. Others shared their own mishaps during live shows, expressing empathy and humor.


As for Vivek Ramaswamy, he’s a 38-year-old entrepreneur hailing from southwest Ohio. His parents migrated from Kerala, India, and he’s now running as a Republican presidential candidate for the upcoming 2024 US presidential election. Though this humorous incident might stick around for a while, Ramaswamy seemed to handle it with good humor and a quick apology.