Rupesh Pravikumar Thakkumar and Pankajbhai Govardhan Oad

Background: Two dropouts, Rupesh Pravikumar Thakkar (33) and Pankajbhai Govardhan Oad (34), orchestrated a fraudulent scheme in Gujarat.

Earnings: In a mere three months, the duo amassed a staggering Rs 60 crore by deceiving individuals through false promises of lucrative online job opportunities and high investment returns.

Arrest and Police Investigation

Mumbai Police Action: Triggered by a teenager’s loss of Rs 2.45 lakh to the scammers, Mumbai Police took action and apprehended Thakkar and Oad.

Financial Seizure: Police froze Rs 1.1 crore in their bank accounts, uncovering their fraudulent activities, which amounted to a total swindle of Rs 60 crore. However, the mastermind behind the racket remains elusive, suspected to be hiding in London.

Unveiling the Scam

Krish’s Complaint: A 19-year-old, Krish, filed a complaint in October, revealing the scam’s modus operandi.

Fraudulent Offer: Krish encountered an online job offer to write restaurant reviews, promising a weekly salary of Rs 10,000 with minimal working hours. The scammers enticed him with additional bonuses ranging from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 daily.

Investment Deception: Krish was lured into investing Rs 1,000 with a promise of earning Rs 300 in profits. Scaling the investment would purportedly yield higher returns: Rs 600 for Rs 2,000 and Rs 900 for Rs 3,000.

Deceptive Transactions

Misleading Messages: Krish received messages confirming earnings, totaling up to Rs 1,650 against his initial investment of Rs 1,000.

Cumulative Investments: Over time, Krish invested Rs 2.45 lakh based on promised returns. However, when attempting to withdraw the purported earnings, he encountered insurmountable hurdles.

Law Enforcement Intervention

Police Collaboration: Seeking assistance from cybercrime officials, the police efficiently apprehended the two accused, preventing further exploitation of unsuspecting victims.

Scam’s Impact and Ongoing Investigations

The deceptive practices of Thakkar and Oad, exploiting individuals through false job promises and investment schemes, resulted in a colossal swindle of Rs 60 crore. Despite the arrest of two perpetrators, the mastermind behind the operation remains at large, evading law enforcement. Mumbai Police’s swift action not only led to the arrest of the culprits but also prevented additional victims from falling prey to this intricate fraud. Ongoing investigations aim to uncover further details while emphasizing the importance of vigilance in avoiding such fraudulent traps.

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