In a comprehensive response to Pakistan’s drone attack on an Iranian border village, Iran’s foreign ministry issued a strongly worded condemnation, deeming the move unbalanced and unacceptable. The incident, which took place in the Saravan region of Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province, involved three drones attacking a village, resulting in the destruction of homes and the tragic loss of life.

Key Points:

Incident Details:

Occurred around 4:00 am local time.

Three drones attacked a border village in the Saravan region.

Four homes were destroyed, leading to the death of ten Pakistani citizens.

Iran’s Commitment to Good Relations:

Iran reaffirmed its commitment to a policy of good neighborliness and brotherhood with Pakistan.

Emphasized that external forces should not strain the friendly relations between the two countries.

Security and Territorial Integrity:

Iran considers the security of its people and territorial integrity as non-negotiable red lines.

Urged Pakistan to fulfill its commitment to preventing terrorist groups from using its soil for hostile activities against Iran.

Preemptive Strike on Jaish ul-Adl:

Iran conducted a preemptive strike on the headquarters of Jaish ul-Adl, an Iranian terrorist group, in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

The strike utilized drones and missiles to counter an imminent terrorist threat.

Location of the Strike:

The attack on Jaish ul-Adl’s headquarters occurred in a remote area, kilometers away from residential zones.

Highlighted as part of Iran’s inherent duty to counteract terrorist threats against its citizens.

Iran’s Differentiation between Pakistan and Terrorist Groups:

Emphasized a clear distinction between Pakistan as a friendly and brotherly nation and armed terrorist groups.

Iran remains committed to neighborliness, refusing to allow external foes and their proxies to strain its relationship with Pakistan.

Reference to Regional Solidarity:

Pointedly referenced ongoing challenges in Gaza.

Highlighted Iran’s commitment to regional solidarity amid broader geopolitical issues.

This detailed overview encapsulates the sequence of events, Iran’s response, and the broader context, providing insights into the complexities of the situation.

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