Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN), a government body, advertises vacancies for jobs in war-torn Israel.

The initiative aims to provide a legal and affordable avenue for Haryana’s youth to work abroad, countering the prevalent illegal channels exploited by some.

Applicants’ Perspectives:

Ashwini Kumar, 22, sees this as a “golden opportunity” without the need for hefty payments to agents.

Many applicants express confidence despite the ongoing conflict in Israel, emphasizing that not all areas may be affected by war.

Skill Test Program:

Co-convener Isha Verma mentions that 550 candidates, mainly from Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, registered on the first day.

Skill tests conducted by Israeli experts with successful candidates to be informed within a week.

Job Details:

Applicants, like Amit from Jind, are briefed on wages, job tenure, and benefits, with the promise of payment in Israel currency amounting to ₹1.37 lakh per month.

High wages serve as a significant attraction for job seekers compared to other opportunities offered by HKRN.

Experience and Expectations:

Nemi Chand from Rajasthan highlights the majority’s prior experience of working abroad, dismissing fears and citing testimonials of safety from female medical students.

Job seekers like Jitender Saini and Jitender Singh express optimism about receiving promised wages, learning from past experiences with agents.

Controversies and Opposition:

Haryana CITU vice-president Satvir Singh opposes the hiring, claiming that unemployed youth are being misled about the potential dangers.

Job aspirants from various states are sent back, with only Haryana residents allowed to participate, raising concerns and criticism.

The success and impact of this initiative on Haryana’s youth employment landscape will depend on the outcomes of the skill tests and subsequent placements. While many applicants see this as a chance for a better future without the burden of hefty payments to agents, critics raise valid concerns about transparency, potential dangers, and the need for inclusive opportunities for job seekers from various states. The ongoing developments will shed light on the effectiveness of this effort to provide legal and accessible employment avenues for Haryana’s youth in Israel.

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