Indian tourists contribute towards 28% of Maldivian GDP.

MakeMyTrip, a prominent online travel company, shared on social media a remarkable surge of over 3,400% in searches related to Lakshadweep following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit. In response, the company announced a campaign to promote India’s beautiful beaches, aiming to entice travelers with exclusive offers and discounts.

However, the post became a catalyst for online discontent when users urged MakeMyTrip to suspend Maldives bookings. This reaction was prompted by derogatory remarks made by some Maldivian ministers against PM Modi. The platform’s users flooded the post with comments demanding immediate action, akin to EaseMyTrip’s decision to indefinitely suspend Maldives bookings, which drew comparisons and impacted user preferences.

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User Feedback and Reaction:

Within a short span, the post amassed thousands of views, accompanied by numerous comments insisting on the removal of Maldives as a travel destination on the platform. Users expressed urgency, seeking proactive steps from MakeMyTrip to align with their expectations and the ethical stance demonstrated by EaseMyTrip.

Many users directly addressed MakeMyTrip’s CEO, questioning the platform’s approach regarding Maldives bookings and expressing willingness to switch to EaseMyTrip due to their decisive stand, despite their allegiance to MakeMyTrip.

Industry Context and Geopolitical Impact:

EaseMyTrip’s bold decision to suspend Maldives bookings reverberated across the industry, influencing user sentiment and raising expectations for similar action from other travel platforms. However, the Maldives holds substantial economic reliance on tourism, with India and Russia among its primary visitor contributors, accounting for nearly a third of its economy, as reported by the World Bank.

The controversy surrounding derogatory remarks coincides with President Mohamed Muizzu’s departure for China on his inaugural state visit from January 8-12. This departure deviates from the convention of Maldivian leaders typically selecting New Delhi for their initial international engagements.

Maldives Tourism Significance:

Economic Dependency: Tourism plays a crucial role in the Maldivian economy, with India and Russia among the largest contributors, constituting about one-third of its economic activity as per the World Bank.

Impact of Controversy: The uproar over derogatory comments coincides with President Mohamed Muizzu’s state visit to China, breaking away from the norm of Maldivian leaders typically choosing New Delhi for their initial international visits.

Broader Implications:

The situation underscores the evolving dynamics between corporate responsibility, user expectations, and diplomatic relations within the travel industry. Users’ demand for swift action against disrespectful remarks poses a challenge for travel platforms, forcing them to navigate ethical considerations alongside business interests.

This incident highlights the intertwined nature of online discourse, corporate decisions, and international relations, provoking discussions about the role of travel platforms in shaping travel choices and influencing diplomatic ties between nations.


The complex scenario encapsulates the delicate balance between user sentiment, corporate ethics, and geopolitical sensitivities. It places travel platforms in a pivotal position, urging them to navigate swiftly changing public sentiments while considering the broader implications of their actions on industry dynamics and international relations.

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