1. Ola Electric:

Background: Ola Electric, a spin-off from the well-established ride-hailing service Ola, embodies a commitment to sustainable mobility. Established in 2019, it focuses on electric vehicles, aligning with global trends towards eco-friendly transportation.

IPO Details: Anticipating a fundraising between $700-800 million, highlighting the company’s revenue surge despite challenges in the electric vehicle industry.

2. FirstCry:

Background: Founded in 2010, FirstCry swiftly emerged as a comprehensive platform for infant and child-related products. With over 300 stores and a strong online presence, it blends digital and physical retail experiences seamlessly.

IPO Details: Aiming to raise $500-600 million, potentially valuing the company at around $4 billion, reflecting its significant presence in the retail sector.

3. Awfis:

Background: Established in 2015, Awfis revolutionized workspace solutions in India, offering flexible and innovative office spaces to cater to the evolving work culture.

IPO Details: Filing for an IPO with plans to utilize funds through a fresh issue and Offer for Sale (OFS), showcasing the growing demand for innovative workspace solutions.

4. Unicommerce:

Background: Founded in 2012, Unicommerce focused on streamlining e-commerce operations through its SaaS platform, aiding businesses in managing their online retail endeavors efficiently.

IPO Details: Debuting in the IPO market, led by CLSA, symbolizing its expansion and pivotal role in e-commerce solutions.

5. Aakash (Byju’s subsidiary):

Background: Aakash Educational Services, acquired by Byju’s, holds a significant position in the test-prep market, providing coaching for medical and engineering entrance exams.

IPO Details: Eyeing an IPO by mid-2024, adding value to Byju’s educational offerings despite recent challenges faced by the parent company.

6. PhonePe:

Background: As a major player in digital payments, PhonePe has carved a niche in India’s payment landscape, backed by its innovative approach and user-friendly interface.

IPO Details: Preparing for an IPO in the 2024-2025 timeframe, supported by substantial investments and diversification in digital payments.

7. Oyo:

Background: Oyo Rooms, initially slated for an IPO, faced delays due to debt management, striving to stabilize its financial position in the hospitality sector.

IPO Details: The expected IPO size reduction to $400-600 million indicates efforts to manage debt and streamline operations.

8. PharmEasy:

Background: PharmEasy emerged as a leading online pharmacy, emphasizing convenient access to medicines and healthcare products.

IPO Details: Eyeing a public offering post a successful rights issue, focusing on debt reduction and organic growth in the pharmaceutical space.

9. Swiggy:

Background: Swiggy, a prominent name in food delivery, established itself with a strong market presence and user-friendly services.

IPO Details: Preparing for its IPO, following Zomato’s footsteps, leveraging its established position in the food delivery segment.

10. PayU India:

Background: Specializing in financial services, PayU India expanded its footprint in payments and credit sectors with innovative offerings.

IPO Details: Gearing up for an IPO by the latter half of 2024, showcasing substantial growth and market penetration.

11. Mobikwik:

Background: Mobikwik, a digital payment platform, collaborated with DAM Capital Advisors and SBI Capital Markets, catering to SMEs and emphasizing convenience in financial transactions.

IPO Details: Planning an IPO, aligning with the trend of SMEs choosing the Indian market for public listings in the financial services sector.

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