9 out of 10 urban Indians have realized that their retirement fund will be over in 8-10 years.

Do you know that – At just 5% inflation,

your monthly expenses will double from Rs. 1 lakh at age 60 to Rs. 2 lakhs at age 75?

Interest rates on bank deposits had fallen by 1/3rd from 9% to 6% in 10 years from 2011 to 2021 and that this may happen in future too.

Do you know that taxes can dent your income after retirement by almost 30%?

Does your retirement plan protect you from these?

If not, get your retirement plan made today!

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*Indicative figures above.

A Personalized Retirement Plan that – 

  • ensures that you never run out of money in meeting your expenses and goals after retirement.
  • gives you visibility of your expenses, income, bank balance and net worth, till age 100, through a Life-Time Cash Flow Plan
  • gives you a highly liquid and safe portfolio diversified across the best government savings schemes
  • helps you enhance your standard of living even after retirement

The key to a happy post-retirement life is peace of mind that comes when you are confident of your finances.

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