Suspension of Despatches:

In response to irregularities in horsepower output certification testing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has opted to temporarily suspend despatches of its popular models, including the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux, across India.

Significant Models Affected:

The affected models, namely Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux, collectively contribute to almost one-third of Toyota India’s total sales, making this suspension a significant development for the automaker.

Certification Irregularities Discovery:

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Toyota Motor Corporation engaged Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) to develop its diesel engines. A special investigation committee, set up by TICO, uncovered irregularities in the horsepower output certification tests for three diesel engines commissioned by Toyota.

Global Impact:

The impact is not confined to India; globally, ten models, including six in Japan, employ the affected diesel engines. Toyota’s global statement highlights the use of different software during certification testing, introducing smoothness and reducing variation in results.

Nature of Irregularities:

The irregularities specifically relate to the ‘smoothing’ of power and torque curves during certification testing. However, there are no indications of over-stating or over-claims on critical performance parameters such as horsepower and torque.

Assurances Regarding Emissions and Safety:

Toyota sought to reassure consumers that the identified irregularities do not compromise the emissions or safety standards of the affected vehicles. The focus is on the certification testing process rather than inherent flaws in vehicle performance.

Production and Orders Continue:

While the despatches have been temporarily halted, Toyota Kirloskar Motor affirms its commitment to continuing production and accepting orders for the Innova, Fortuner, and Hilux. Vehicles already dispatched but undelivered will undergo detailed explanations to customers.

Apology to Customers:

Recognizing the inconvenience caused, Toyota Kirloskar Motor sincerely apologized to customers and stakeholders. The company is actively collaborating with relevant authorities to reconfirm the data used for the certification of the affected vehicles.

Verification of Mass-Produced Products:

Toyota Motor Corporation conducted a reverification of mass-produced products manufactured at the plant and confirmed that the affected engines and vehicles comply with engine performance output standards. Users are not required to discontinue the use of the affected engines or vehicles.

Future Measures and Business Impact:

Toyota pledges to provide detailed explanations to authorities regarding the irregularities and is committed to taking appropriate measures, including conducting testing in the presence of witnesses if deemed necessary. The incident may prompt a reconsideration of business strategies, emphasizing the need for a change in mindset and corporate culture at Toyota Industries Corporation.

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