In an unusual turn of events, a seemingly ordinary feathered culprit found itself entangled in the claws of the law. Yes, you read it correctly – a pigeon, of all creatures, faced the unintended consequences of its undercover escapades and was apprehended on charges of espionage. The Mumbai police detained the unsuspecting bird, suspected of being a tool for Chinese intelligence, and after eight months in captivity, the pigeon has been set free.

Why Was the Pigeon Apprehended? Last May, the feathered operative was seized at Pir Pau Jetty in suburban Chembur by the RCF police, leading to the registration of a case. The pigeon’s arrest was prompted by the discovery of two rings – one copper and the other aluminum – secured to its leg, accompanied by inscriptions resembling Chinese characters on the undersides of both wings.

Pigeon’s Legal Ordeal: Held in the custody of the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals in Parel, the pigeon faced accusations of espionage due to its mysterious accessories and cryptic messages.

Innocence Unveiled: Upon a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the pigeon had a previous engagement in racing across the open waters of Taiwan. Apparently, the bird unintentionally ventured out of the country during one such racing event, eventually landing in India. Following the probe, the espionage charges were dropped, and the pigeon was granted its freedom.

Freedom Granted: The avian agent was released by the veterinary hospital in Parel after the police issued a “no objection” for its liberation. An official affirmed that the pigeon’s health condition was satisfactory, marking the end of its unexpected legal journey.

In this bizarre tale, it appears that even the skies are not immune to the watchful eyes of suspicion. The pigeon, once accused of espionage, can now soar freely through the open skies, leaving behind a feathered fable of international intrigue.

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