Cabinet Approval: The Cabinet Committee on Security has given the green light to a substantial deal valued at Rs 19,000 crore for the Indian Navy, authorizing the procurement of over 200 BrahMos extended-range supersonic cruise missiles.

Strategic Boost: This decision, endorsed during a meeting convened on Wednesday evening, represents a significant augmentation of the Indian Navy’s operational capabilities, enhancing its firepower and defensive prowess.

Contract Signing: The contract for the acquisition of BrahMos missiles is slated to be formalized in the first week of March, with BrahMos Aerospace and the Ministry of Defence set to finalize the agreement.

Primary Naval Weaponry: BrahMos missiles serve as the cornerstone of the Indian Navy’s armament arsenal, playing a crucial role in anti-ship operations and offensive engagements. The Navy routinely deploys these sophisticated missiles on its vessels.

Joint Venture: BrahMos Aerospace, a collaborative endeavor between India and Russia, spearheads the production of these advanced supersonic cruise missiles, designed for deployment across multiple platforms including submarines, ships, aircraft, and land-based launchers.

Indigenization Efforts: Significant strides have been made to localize the production of BrahMos missiles, with ongoing initiatives aimed at increasing the indigenous content. This move aligns with India’s broader goal of bolstering its defence manufacturing capabilities.

International Export: The BrahMos missile system is poised for export to the Philippines, marking a significant milestone as it secures its first international customer. This development underscores the global appeal and demand for the BrahMos technology.

Regional Interest: Several countries in the Southeast Asian region have expressed keen interest in acquiring the BrahMos missile system, recognizing its advanced capabilities and versatile applications across various defense scenarios.

Export Target: Under the leadership of Atul Rane, BrahMos Aerospace is striving to achieve Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious export target of USD 5 billion by 2025. Efforts are underway to expand the global footprint of BrahMos technology through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Market Opportunities: The sale of BrahMos missile systems to partner countries is expected to pave the way for broader collaborations and opportunities in the international defense market, opening doors for other indigenous defense equipment from India such as the Akash missile and ATAGS howitzers.

Industry Advancements: With a focus on elevating hardware quality to meet global standards, the Indian defence industry is actively pursuing opportunities in export markets. Additionally, efforts are underway to showcase Indian defence systems abroad and establish a stronger presence in key export destinations. (DD news)

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