Unusual Traffic Stop:

Nebraska police pulled over a man driving a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria with a full-size bull named Howdy Doody riding in the passenger seat. The sight was reported by a stunned onlooker, prompting police intervention.

Police Response:

Officers in Norfolk, Nebraska, responded to a call reporting a “vehicle with a cow inside” traveling through town. The police records indicate that the call came in at 10:05 a.m. CT.

Surprising Encounter:

Police were expecting to find a small calf but were astonished to discover a full-size bull occupying the passenger seat. The car’s roof on the passenger side had been removed to accommodate the large animal.

Owner’s Explanation:

The bull’s owner, Lee Meyer, explained that the car, a retired police cruiser from the Nebraska village of Arnold, had been modified to transport Howdy Doody. Meyer reinforced the frame, suspension, tires, and floor to support the added weight.

Motivation for Modification:

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Meyer had contemplated turning the car into Howdy Doody’s transportation for years but was spurred into action by a skeptical granddaughter. He decided to prove her wrong and bring his vision to life.

Regular Attraction:

Howdy Doody, a 9-year-old half-Longhorn, half-Watusi bull weighing over 2,200 pounds, is a familiar sight at parades and fairs across Nebraska. Police merely cautioned the driver to be cautious and continue on their way.

Legal Considerations:

While passenger cars are occasionally retrofitted to transport animals, the approval and enforcement of such modifications fall under the jurisdiction of the Nebraska State Patrol. Meyer admits to never obtaining official approval for the vehicle modifications.

Lack of Prior Issues:

Meyer claims to have never encountered any problems until the recent traffic stop. He asserts that he possesses standard car insurance, a driver’s license, and private plates for the vehicle.

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