New Delhi: From Vastu Expertise to Fraud Allegations:

Khushdeep Bansal, a Vastu expert known for his claims regarding architectural flaws in the Parliament House library, has resurfaced in the news for his alleged involvement in a ₹ 65 crore fraud case.

Bansal and his brother were apprehended by a joint team of Assam Police and Delhi Police, with the Counter Intelligence Unit (CI) of the Delhi Police Special Cell assisting in the arrest.

The Autonomous Council Scam:

The arrest is linked to the ₹ 65 crore Autonomous Council scam in Assam, where Bansal and his brother face charges. This scam reportedly involves the son of a Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh.

Kamal Sabarwal, the owner of Sabarwal Trading Company in Delhi, filed a complaint against Bansal, alleging his involvement in the fraudulent activities.

Bansal’s Defense:

Bansal maintains that his role was limited to introducing an individual to Kamal Sabarwal and denies direct involvement in the scam.

However, the Assam Police assert that Bansal and all the accused collaborated in orchestrating the elaborate scam.

Professional Background:

Apart from his Vastu consultancy, Bansal serves as a consultant for various state government projects and provides strategic advice to prominent businessmen and industrialists.

Notorious Claims and Past Incidents:

Bansal gained notoriety in 1997 for asserting that the Parliament House library’s architectural defects contributed to governmental instability.

He proposed a solution involving the placement of copper wires underground between the Parliament and the library building to “restore balance” and prevent premature collapses of governments.

Legal Proceedings and Investigation:

Bansal’s arrest marks a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the Autonomous Council scam.

Authorities are probing the extent of Bansal’s involvement in the fraudulent activities and are working to gather evidence to support the charges against him and his associates.

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