Discover the transformative journey of a former mining quarry turned into a haven by Revathi & Vasanth Kamath.

Located in Surajkund, Delhi NCR, Vanbhoj welcomes day visitors from 11 am to 5 pm, providing an immersive experience in sustainable living.

What’s included in your visit?

Engage in a personalized guided tour of the Mud House, unravelling its unique architecture and design.

Indulge in the tranquility of nature with a Himalayan Herbal drinks & Lunch experience.

Immerse yourself in the surroundings with a nature walk, forest bathing, and birding activities.


Enjoy the experience from Monday to Friday at INR 3000 per adult.

Elevate your weekends with a Saturday & Sunday visit priced at INR 5000 per adult.

About the Host – Prerna Prasad, Curator, Van Bhoj:

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Meet Prerna Prasad, the visionary behind Van Bhoj and Founder of Ecoplore, an aggregator platform promoting eco-friendly hotels in India.

Prerna serves as the custodian of Van Bhoj, carrying forward the legacy of Architects Revathi and Vasanth Kamath.

Experience a personalized tour guided by Prerna and savor delectable, healthy cuisine crafted by the dedicated staff.

The Story Behind Vanbhoj:

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Witness the miraculous transformation of a barren mining quarry into The Kamath House, initiated by Revathi & Vasanth Kamath in 1996.

At a time when sustainable living was a nascent concept, the Kamaths incorporated forward-thinking design practices.

Materials like Mud, Stones, and Wood were sourced locally, creating a structure that echoed harmony with the campus and its surroundings.

The once arid land now thrives with native trees, inviting back birds and wildlife, establishing a legacy for generations to come.

Sustainable Living:

Explore the innovative use of Mud floors, providing natural cooling, a rustic ambiance, and requiring minimal maintenance.

Experience solar energy integration through large glass windows, maximizing natural light and views of lush green canopies.

Embrace principles of vernacular construction, emphasizing sustainability at every step.

Witness efficient waste water treatment and reuse, offering a real-life lesson in eco-conscious living.

Artifacts and Thoughtful Design:

Delve into the intentional placement of artifacts, each telling a story and contributing to the overall aesthetic.

Marvel at the blue figurine, symbolizing the celebration of sunlight, strategically placed to capture the warmth of the sun’s rays.

Admire the meticulous thought process behind every element, showcasing a depth of consideration in crafting a space that resonates with nature.

Vanbhoj stands as a living museum, illustrating a seamless blend of thoughtful design, sustainability, and a deep connection with the environment.

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