Following the tragic death of a farmer at the Khanauri Border crossing in Punjab, BKU leader Rakesh Tikait declared a ‘Black Friday’ protest on February 23.

This announcement came amidst ongoing farmer protests, with BKU emphasizing the need for solidarity and action in response to the loss.

Work Advisory for Delhi NCR Employees:

In light of the anticipated protests and potential disruptions in Delhi NCR, employees are strongly advised to refrain from commuting and instead opt for remote work arrangements to ensure safety and minimize inconvenience.

Protest Strategy by Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM):

SKM, representing the collective voice of farmers, has strategized a series of demonstrations to assert their demands and oppose any repression of their movement.

A tractor march is planned on highways leading towards Delhi, symbolizing the farmers’ determination to have their grievances addressed.

The scheduled tractor march on February 26 aims to intensify pressure on authorities and draw attention to the plight of farmers across India.

Nationwide Mobilization Call by SKM:

SKM’s official statement urges farmers nationwide to stand in solidarity with their demands and resist any attempts to suppress their movement.

The decision to mobilize farmers across the country underscores the widespread impact and significance of the ongoing protests.

SKM’s Statements and Demands:

SKM condemns the violence against protesters and holds Union Home Minister Amit Shah responsible, demanding his resignation along with that of the Chief Minister and Home Minister of Haryana.

Additionally, SKM demands legal action against those involved in the violence, emphasizing accountability and justice for the affected farmers.

The call to observe February 26 as Quit WTO Day reflects SKM’s broader agenda to challenge global trade policies and advocate for farmers’ rights on an international platform.

Police Measures and Accountability:

The Ambala Police in Haryana assert their commitment to maintaining law and order during the protests.

They warn protesters that any damage caused to public or private property will result in severe consequences, including the seizure of assets and bank accounts to cover repair costs.

This measure underscores the authorities’ determination to hold individuals accountable for any unlawful behaviour during the protests.

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