U.S. tech giant Google is set to commence the manufacturing of its Pixel smartphones in India by the second quarter, as reported by Nikkei Asia on Thursday. This strategic move is part of Google’s broader objective to diversify its supply chains away from China.

Supply Chain Diversification: Amid escalating tensions between the United States and China, Google aims to reduce its dependency on Chinese manufacturing by shifting its production operations to India. This decision aligns with Google’s efforts to tap into India’s burgeoning smartphone market while mitigating geopolitical risks.


Pixel Smartphone Production: Google intends to kick off the production of its Pixel smartphones in India during the next quarter. By localizing manufacturing, Google seeks to cater to the growing demand for smartphones in India and bolster its market presence in the region.

Ambitious Shipping Targets: With plans to manufacture Pixel smartphones locally, Google aims to ship more than 10 million units this year. This ambitious target underscores Google’s commitment to expanding its market share and solidifying its position in the highly competitive smartphone industry.

Production Timeline: According to insider information, Google will initiate the manufacturing of Pixel 8 Pro phones in the April-June quarter, followed by the production of the Pixel 8 around the middle of 2024. This phased approach reflects Google’s strategic rollout plan for its latest smartphone models.

Market Competition: Google will face stiff competition in the Indian smartphone market, contending with industry giants such as Apple and Samsung, as well as popular Chinese brands like vivo and Xiaomi. The move signifies Google’s determination to carve out a significant market share amidst fierce competition.

Indian Smartphone Market Dynamics: India emerged as the fifth-largest smartphone market globally in 2023, with over 10 million iPhone units sold in a single year. With 148.6 million shipments overall, India’s smartphone market remained stable, with Samsung, Xiaomi, and vivo leading the pack in terms of market share and unit shipments.

Government Incentives: India’s proactive approach in attracting foreign investment and promoting domestic manufacturing has incentivized companies like Google to set up production facilities in the country. Government initiatives, such as production-linked incentive schemes, have encouraged tech giants to establish manufacturing operations in India.

Global Production Shift: Google’s decision to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India echoes a broader trend among tech companies, including Apple, that are relocating production from China to alternative locations like India. This strategic realignment underscores the evolving dynamics of global manufacturing amid geopolitical tensions.

Future Prospects: With Google’s foray into smartphone manufacturing in India, the tech landscape is poised for significant transformation. As Google navigates the complexities of local production and market competition, its plans to produce Pixel smartphones in India signal a new chapter in the country’s tech manufacturing ecosystem. (CNBC report)

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