66th Annual Grammy Awards: Famous singer Miley Cyrus has won the first Grammy Award of her career. At the same time, Indian musicians also made their mark at the Grammys and won the award. Know which star has been honored with which Grammy award this year.

New Delhi. The prestigious 66th Annual Grammy Awards unfolded at the COM Arena in Los Angeles, marking a dazzling celebration of musical talent worldwide.

Miley Cyrus’s Landmark Achievement:

Renowned singer Miley Cyrus clinched her inaugural Grammy Award.

The coveted honor came in the Best Pop Solo Performance category for her exceptional rendition of “Flower.”

Indian Triumph in Global Music:

Shankar Mahadevan and the band Shakti achieved recognition with the Best Global Music Album award for their masterpiece, “This Moment.”

Diverse Genres and Exceptional Performances:

SZA’s magnum opus, “SOS,” claimed the Best Album title.

Coco Jones secured victory in the Best Performance category with the powerful “ICU.”

A rich tapestry of genres was represented, with exceptional performances by artists like Zakir Hussain, Bela Fake, Edgar Meyer, and others.

Acknowledging Technical Brilliance:

Technical excellence took center stage with categories such as Best Producer, Best Engineered Album, and Best Contemporary Classical Composition, recognizing the mastery behind the music.

Record-Breaking Nominations for SZA:

SZA emerged as a dominant force with a staggering nine nominations, reaffirming her profound impact on contemporary music.

Trevor Noah’s Enchanting Hosting:

Renowned comedian and actor Trevor Noah took charge as the host for the fourth consecutive time, infusing the ceremony with humor and charm.

Tribute to Music Industry Pioneers:

The Grammys, organized by the esteemed Recording Academy of the United States, paid tribute to the enduring contributions of artists, producers, and industry professionals.

A Symphony of Success:

The 66th Grammys stood as a testament to breakthroughs, global influences, and the ever-evolving landscape of music. Miley Cyrus’s milestone, the triumph of Indian musicians, and Trevor Noah’s charismatic hosting collectively contributed to a night of memorable performances and well-deserved recognitions, showcasing the dynamic and inclusive nature of the music industry.

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