Victims and Circumstances:

An Indian-American couple, Anand and Alice, along with their 4-year-old twin children Noah and Neithan, were found dead at their home in California.

The discovery was made after a relative requested a welfare check when no one responded to calls from the family.

Cause of Death and Investigation:

Anand and Alice were found with gunshot wounds inside a bathroom, while the twin children were found deceased in a bedroom.

Authorities found no signs of forced entry into the house but recovered a 9mm pistol and loaded magazine from the bathroom.

Initial investigations suggest a possible murder-suicide scenario, although other possibilities have not been ruled out.

Family Background and Residence:

Originally from Kerala, India, the family had been living in the United States for nine years.

Anand, a software engineer, and Alice, a senior analyst, had moved to San Mateo County two years ago after living in New Jersey.

They had purchased their home in 2020 for $2.1 million.

Personality and Relationships:

Described as friendly, hardworking, and devoted parents, the couple was well-liked by neighbors and colleagues.

Anand had filed for divorce in December 2016, although court records indicate the separation was not finalized.

Law Enforcement and Investigation:

The San Mateo County Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) is leading the investigation, aided by the San Mateo County Crime Lab.

The bodies have been taken into custody by the San Mateo County Coroner for identification and notification of next of kin.

Similar Incidents and Reassurances:

The case draws parallels to a recent incident involving a wealthy Indian-origin family found dead in Massachusetts.

Recent reports indicate a concerning trend, with at least seven Indian-origin individuals found dead in the US.

US envoy to India, Eric Garcetti, has emphasized the commitment to ensuring the safety of Indian students in the country.

This tragic incident underscores the complexities and challenges surrounding the investigation into the deaths of the Indian-American family, prompting authorities to explore all possible angles while providing reassurance to the community regarding safety concerns.

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